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Getting Started


A small introduction to Indian logistics services..

Installing Indian Logistics Services

Set up Indian Logistics Services on your Shopify Store in 3 steps.

Plan choose

You can choose plan as per your store size, no need to pay extra!


Overview of the different features available on the app



General Settings

General settings for your store which is required for shipments API.

Shipping address

Set the shipping address.

Packing measurements

You can set default packing measurements for shipping. you can modify it while shipment.

Manifest field

Set general Manifest field.

Return Requests

Setup Return Requests

Steps for return requests setup.

Settings Return Requests

Set settings Return Requests.

Return Requests Action

Return Requests records as per actions tacken.

Email settings

Send emails to customers / receive notification via mail using email module setup.

Pickup settings

Pickup settings introduction

Logistics wise default pickup settings.


Label and Invoice templates


Orders list with all possible filters

Forward shipment process steps and tracking in details.

Customer Order Tracking

How to setup order tracking page on front side for customers?

How to enable order tracking?

How Customer can track their order?

How to add promotion banner on my tracking page?


How to do basic setup?

How to setup logistics?

How to enable Auto Shipments?

How to enable Auto Fulfillment?

Can I connect with my multiple logistics account?

How to push tracking information in shopify?

Can my customers can track their order on my store?

How to send order return request?


Enable Auto Shipments

Enable Auto Fulfillments

Enable Auto Approve Return Request